In God’s Eye

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(Charcoal Pencil Drawing)

Sixty decades and three ago today…

You emerged from the quiet interior of your mother’s womb.

You first saw the light of the universe.
You first heard the sound of your own cry.
You first smelled the freshness of the air.
You first felt the soft, gentle sway of the breeze.
You first savored the rawness and the richness of that white fluid,
the nourishment of your fragile flesh.

The angels sang in unison as the whole world prepared for your coming.
The couples whom you pronounced as parents, and whom you came through, Rejoiced! 
The unseen Creator, the very reason of your existence, bestowed upon you this “Gift of Life.”

This is what made you special. 

You are special because, you are a special creature molded out of Love.

You are special because in the eyes of God, you are His special child, and He created you with Love.

And you are special because this work of art is carefully crafted with Love.

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Blog Anniversary

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Today is my Anniversary on WordPress. As they sent me this badge, I just realized that I have not spent much time with my blogging. It is tough to balance work and sitting down to focus on writing a blog post.

I couldn’t believe I’m on my seventh year, and It’s amazing to think that I have gone this far yet I didn’t get that feeling of satisfaction. I’ve always wanted to write a book with my artworks and poetry with it. And now, I think I will have to start doing that. I need a spark of inspiration. This is it!

You, my WordPress friends, is my Inspiration. Thank you for all those who Followed my blog site and those who Liked  my posts, and to all writers in this blogging sphere.

Happy Blogging!








On International Women’s Day

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This day, the world celebrate the awesomeness of WOMEN. Women who made history. These are the famous …

Women in Arts
Women in Films
Women on Television
Women in Science and Technology
Women in Politics
Women Poets and Writers
Women Entrepreneurs
Women Activists
Women in War
Women in… You name it…

We all hear and see these famous women featured on broadcast and social media as:

the first woman to..
the only woman who…
the greatest woman with… and so on…

These are GREAT Women and we all SALUTE their artistry, ingenuity, courage and power.

However, on the flip side of the scene, I wanted to turn my camera around, and spotlight women we all encounter in our daily lives. These are women who are not famous. They are the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. These are the…

-women who worked in retail and deli stores;
-women drivers;
-women bartenders and baristas;
-women working in offices;
-women who worked on hospitals and restaurants etc…
-women who devoted their time taking care of their family and children;
-women who stayed whole day, under the rain and sunshine vending along the sidewalk to earn money and support their families;
-women who worked as caregivers taking care of other peoples’ children and aging parents;
-women who clean other people’s houses;
-women who are unfortunate and lived in shelters;
-ordinary women we see on the subway reading books,
-young women who work and study at the same time;
-women immigrants who left their families, thousands of miles from across the globe to seek greener pasture, to support their loved ones back home;
You name it…

For these women, I SALUTE and I Embrace their Struggles as they move forward to achieving Goals their DREAMS. I am Proud of You!

Happy International Women’s Day!

“You’re My Angel”


This composition was inspired by a song “You Raised Me Up” rendered by Josh Groban. Life isn’t always joy and happiness. One has to experience the opposite of it. There is always a reason why man has to encounter both joy and sorrow, happiness and grief, excitement and serenity, anxiety and tranquility, strength and weakness and so on…..It only takes an ability to deal with it. A song, a poetic composition, a painting or any kind of inspiration will keep us going through.

You raised me up… I knew I am weak,
when anguish came one day,
nowhere to go, no one to speak;
kept it to myself, hid it inside;
from affliction, salvation I seek.

You raised me up…
when I was at my lowest time,
I ponder alone in solitude;
then your song permeates the air ;
with your enchanting voice, I hear.

You raised me up…

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