The Piano

If only this black and ivory could play its melody
through the haiku of Mattie on "Heartsongs"
or the graceful movement of her fingertips like Bach;
of the artist like Mc Lean
a hint of Van Gogh on starry night
or Strode's visual rhythm on the wall.

If only in the center of the room, echoes
the voice of this voiceless
like the scream of his hot guitar;
thought the gentle whispering of the wind
the dancing of tree branches
and the distant signing of the birds.

If only it could unearth its melodic tune
like ripples of the stream 
that of "Venus rising from the sea in a clam;"
bear witness to a dog walker-
"The Art of Dale Enochs"
and the sketch smiles of Josh and Pepper.

If only in its aloneness, delights itself 
of their songs in "Rubber Soul"
yet more of her Classical suites;
the recital of love and unlove
in its silence, in its solitude- it celebrates Love.


Joshua’s Song

When you're twenty three, I'm just a puppy
Fragile as I am, you welcome and embrace me
Your tender loving care nurtures me.
In my deep slumber, I rouse
Your wondrous melody delights me
As you play your piano keys.

We journey together in perfect harmony
I am your lyrics, you are my song.

When you cuddle me in your arms
I feel the warmth of your gentle touch
My day brightens up with your charm.
Over the snow and green grasses I go
The echo of your laughter thrills me
Together we dance with glee.

We journey together in perfect harmony
I am your lyrics, you are my song.

At night the birds stop singing
But your music keeps on playing
Until now, I am still swaying and you never stop creating
Six decades and seven, I have long gone past sixteen
I see myself in your bedroom, on the wall, up in the ceiling
I see myself in your heart - I am your angel, I am never apart.

You see... we still journey together in perfect harmony
I am your lyrics, you are my song.


Keep the Rhythm Playing

Your past is a web of notes,
a rhythmic string of special moments.
Black and white patterns of melody,
a rendition of Love Song unveils.
While the unseen witness /es/ –
delight the harmony of your musical composition,
I thrill myself with dancing and singing –
of the rhythm flowing.
I may not be there,
a spectator of your performance from the past,
yet I bear witness the magnificence
of your musical creations in the present.
For how can I be complete
without the savor of your appetizing melody?
Even the unseen cannot be wholly unseen
without the hearing of your lovely tune?

How much longer would you have been able
to strum with grace, the strings of your guitar?
How mush longer would you be able to sway with finesse in your fingertips
this motion of poetry in your piano keys?
As I walk through the long, narrow hallway towards your doorway,
I hear from a distance the echoes of your laughter; stories you share
It stirs pleasure within my inner core.
I relish the blending of your voices – I always adore.
It is music to my ear.
In the silent walls of the four corners of your room,
glows on a wooden table; a flicker of lighted candle.
It brightens up the smiles of Josh and Pepper.
Even the lone metal planter of green, sights through the window – blossoms!
The world rejoices the splendor of your song!
Your Song … Your Music …
heals broken hearts; comforts shattered spirits,
gives meaning to the lives of the lifeless; shed light on the lost souls,
fascinates the silence of the ocean water; satiates with Hymn of Life – the
entire Universe,
lures even the unknown of the unknown.
Your Music – The Charm of your Music –
Captivating! Enchanting!
Inspiring! Divine!

(© NiirmalaDevi.March2019.All Rights Reserved)

Have you pondered?

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 8.01.53 PM

Have you ever gone in-depth into spirituality?
Even the birds enjoy each other's company.
There is no treasure as lovely and as intimate;
When you hear, see, feel, touch and even smell a person's 
being in the present moment.

That infinite place in me and that infinite place in you
Somewhere in this universe, is called Eternity.
It is not even a place, but a state of mind;
or call it a place in another dimension
that merges every creatures in this Vastness as ONE.

But we are in this place called Earth.
In this present time, and in this physical world.
We yearn for each other's presence
and each other's company,
where we feel, see touch, hear and smell with our senses.

Isn't that beautiful?
Don't you want to experience the moment
while you still have this flesh and blood?

One day, after this journey...
In that place called Eternity,
we shall UNITE... neither there's WE nor I...
There's only ONENESS.

In that place where we don't even need our senses,
I shall embrace you, and 
WE shall  be ONE, in Nothingness.
And in Nothingness... is
The Holy Grail of Sacredness.

A Birthday Gift

Before this year ends, I would like to share a story. Here it goes:


It was several decades ago the Seventh of December, the day when an infant first saw the light of the world,  was the day when the universe echoed her first cry.  She celebrates.

She wandered around Fifth Ave. It was 7th of December 2018. A man told her, “Her name is Lucy.”

“What a wonderful name,” she replied. The homeless man was cold. He was sitting on a  small stool in front of his pet with a cloth wrapped around its body.  It was 28 degrees that Friday morning, and Lucy managed to give all her charms to attract passers-by in thick jacket, to drop some change in a cardboard box.

She turned to him and said, “Would you care for some bananas and a cup of hot coffee?” “I would like to give this to you as a gift, for today is my birthday.” He looked at her with a smile and answered, “Thank you and Happy Birthday.” Then she handed him a bag with large cup of coffee and bananas. It was from Starbucks she redeemed as her birthday treat.

She attended a mass at St. Patrick’s cathedral as Thanksgiving for another year of blessings and good health. She passed-by Starbucks to get her birthday treat and on her way home, that’s when she saw this homeless man and his pet dog. She decided to do an Act of Kindness to celebrate her special day.

For the first time in her life, a homeless man greeted her, “Happy Birthday.”  To his delight, he held her hand and said, “Thank you for this wonderful gift.”

“You’re very welcome. Happy Holidays,” she replied and left with a smile in her heart.


Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 3.11.51 PM


Sometimes in our life’s, journey we get to realize that Gratitude is very important to be shared and expressed in any way. Wherever we are, whoever we’re with, whatever it is that we’re doing… it is important to be Thankful. One act of kindness that one gives in any day, is as special as celebrating a special day.

Be Thankful and Be Kind.  By the way, that infant was actually me.  😉  

Strange Dream


It’s been a while I know, and I suffer from writer’s block. Somebody help.

All I know is that, I have a strange dream. I don’t know these people in my dream. You may interpret and conclude what it means. I cannot decipher this visual code. But this is how it goes:

Scene One.

You told her, “Let’s go.” You grabbed her hand in a hurry. You were both outside the door when she stopped you, and pushed you back inside the room. You were wearing two-piece with floral designs and you just cloak yourself with a wrap-around fabric that almost looked like a whole dress. 

You didn’t realize you were exposing part of your chest and breast. You both went inside the room and she tried to change you when a woman who happens to be your sister, suddenly grabbed your outfit and started teasing you. 

To your astonishment, you saw your sister wearing nothing but a Bra with no underwear and exposing her private in frontal view. I didn’t know what happened next but suddenly,  you all faded to black.


Scene Two.

You were both riding in a seemingly strange car along with other passengers, mostly women.  The car looked like a carousel with colorful designs. You were half way towards destination when she told you, she has to go back. “I forgot my purse, ” she said. She asked you to wait for her when you arrive at the destination. You nodded.  

You were wearing a beautifully sequenced red top with jeans, and your hair nicely straightened, fresh and shiny. She looked at you as she stepped down. You stared at her and smiled. She wasn’t sure if your nod and smile meant, yes – that you are going to wait for her. 

She walked and walked and walked… the road seemed endless. It was a long journey along the horizon – boundless. As the sun set, she faded to white. 


Scene Three.

She found herself in an open passenger terminal. There she saw young men and boys offering rides in a motor cab. One boy asked her, “Ma’am, do you need a ride?” “Yes,” she said. “I need to go back to the barracks,” she continued. “That’s not my route, and I am not allowed to get there, but I can take you to a place nearby and you can just walk your way going there.” the boy replied.  “That’s okay. Take me.” she said.   

The boy dropped her in a seemingly squalid area. She saw box houses closely situated with each other. Suddenly, she found herself walking in a bridge made of wooded slabs, alongside, she saw floating houses. 

She walked and walked… then she realized she couldn’t find the way. She faded in sight.


Scene Four.

In the living room, she saw you again. You were in a couch watching an old film on television. She came and sat beside you, and you took her hand – wrapped your arms around her. You cuddled her. You both watched the show.  The scene faded to black.



I am not good in interpreting dreams. But whatever it means, I may say, It’s just a dream. Who cares?





In God’s Eye

FullSizeRender 3
(Charcoal Pencil Drawing)

Sixty decades and three ago today…

You emerged from the quiet interior of your mother’s womb.

You first saw the light of the universe.
You first heard the sound of your own cry.
You first smelled the freshness of the air.
You first felt the soft, gentle sway of the breeze.
You first savored the rawness and the richness of that white fluid,
the nourishment of your fragile flesh.

The angels sang in unison as the whole world prepared for your coming.
The couples whom you pronounced as parents, and whom you came through, Rejoiced! 
The unseen Creator, the very reason of your existence, bestowed upon you this “Gift of Life.”

This is what made you special. 

You are special because, you are a special creature molded out of Love.

You are special because in the eyes of God, you are His special child, and He created you with Love.

And you are special because this work of art is carefully crafted with Love.

C*InGod’sEye.All Rights Reserved.May2018

Blog Anniversary

  1. 7 Year Anniversary Achievement
    Happy Anniversary with!
    You registered on 7 years ago.
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Today is my Anniversary on WordPress. As they sent me this badge, I just realized that I have not spent much time with my blogging. It is tough to balance work and sitting down to focus on writing a blog post.

I couldn’t believe I’m on my seventh year, and It’s amazing to think that I have gone this far yet I didn’t get that feeling of satisfaction. I’ve always wanted to write a book with my artworks and poetry with it. And now, I think I will have to start doing that. I need a spark of inspiration. This is it!

You, my WordPress friends, is my Inspiration. Thank you for all those who Followed my blog site and those who Liked  my posts, and to all writers in this blogging sphere.

Happy Blogging!