Become your Dream

77th Street. On the sidewalk. On my way to work. Every Tuesday.

Who did this? A man? A woman? A student? A crazy person? I don’t know… I really don’t know.

Several occasion as I pass-by along this route, I always catch a glimpse of this passage written on the side of the garbage bin. On another instance, as I pass-by again I saw the same passage scribbled with a colored chalk on a concrete pathway. Another occurrence, on the eve of new year 2010, I saw this passage again, not only once but twice and at least fifteen yards apart. As I walk further, I thought to myself, “If I see this again for the third time, then my wish for the coming new year shall come true.” And guess what? I saw it again engraved in bold letters on the pavement…… BECOME YOUR DREAM!

My work, a service provider. Good clients, good compensation but not really a dream job for me…. I’m still hooked up and poked with pride, no matter how I try my best to accept the reality that I am no longer in my usual teaching profession. Somehow, I have a reason for enduring this kind of job and it is very disturbing to bear other people’s impression that this job, is very degrading. Degrading! Just what do they mean and how come its degrading?

I don’t really make it a big deal. Anyway, every time I go to work on this side of Manhattan, I still see this passage, until now, and it seemed like someone did it on purpose. Someone who’s invisible (an angel maybe) is trying to persuade me that I have a purpose and that everything that’s happening has a purpose. The fact that I am here, a thousand miles away from home, on the other side of the globe has a purpose. A purpose of realizing a dream. A dream to pursue what I really wanted to pursue. Whatever it is that I wanted to pursue, is just within me.

Become your Dream…. has made an impact in my life. Whoever wrote this, is an instrument. As I try to synthesize, I recalled my spiritual teacher explaining to me about “Acceptance.” A wholehearted acceptance without complain , with all smiles, with love, will make everything easier to handle. He pointed out that the essence of life is to be happy and in order to be happy, do everything and anything with “Love.”

If you do anything and everything with love…. you become your dream.

Right now, I am gradually becoming my dream!


2 thoughts on “Become your Dream

  1. Positive and very encouraging. Become your dream everyday, even when it’s difficult sometimes. Congratulations on a great start! Keep blogging and inspire others.

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