Message from a Butterfly

Do you ever believe that even the tiniest creature can communicate to people? They too have a story to tell. Though they can’t utter a single word, they convey a message in a different way.

I once knew a girl. She’s tiny long-haired and frail. Bashful and about eight years of age.  Always alone and loves to walk. Her friends? Flowers and tiny flying creatures.

In her solitude, one can hear her sing a tune while happily and gaily strolling her way to school. Singing all the way with her grocery-like bag.  In it, one notebook, a pad paper and a pencil. The cars honk, gale of laughter, a klatsch in sari-sari stores, nothing bothers her except the beauty of her own world. She kept going.

Suddenly, she caught a sight of a beautiful yellow butterfly. She paused, happily gazed at it, and cheerfully said, “Hello butterfly?”  She kept going. Advancing with her little steps toward school. After a little while, she can’t help but notice again the yellow butterfly which seemed to be following her way. Now, she totally forgot about her school.

She stopped, as the beautiful yellow butterfly landed on a colorful sweet-scented flower. Compelled by fascination of what she saw, she began to open a conversation. With her innocent look she asked, “How come you happen to be a beautiful tiny flying creature?” “What makes you land on this colorful, sweet-scented flower?” She heard nothing!

Still, she heard nothing! In a split second, her yellow friend, with its flexible long-tongue-like organ, sucked a sap of nectar from the colorful flower. How wonderful! What an amazing scene! Then after a while the butterfly seemed to be waving good-bye as if saying , “I’ll see you again tomorrow.”  And it did!

The girl and the butterfly became good friends and both enjoyed each others’ company. Though she didn’t hear any word from her friend, she knew and understood an answer to her query.

Thank you my beloved yellow friend, wherever you are, you somehow touched my life and taught me a lesson on appreciating the beauty of nature and “LIFE.” 🙂

Did you get the butterfly’s   message?


7 thoughts on “Message from a Butterfly

    1. You’re very welcome and Thank You also for sparing your time of reading my article. It is very inspiring to learn form others too and I particularly liked yours on “Colors for God.”

  1. Niirmala, you story lifted the heart of one who also always loved butterflies from a very young age, The were always near and dear to me in my mothers yard. I felt they were angels and they like the trees there always kept me company. I wrote a poem for a relative who passed and it reminded in a special way what the touch of a butterfly brings;


    When ever I see the butterflies flying
    I am reminded of your smiling face,
    As I see them taking wing into the sky
    I feel emotions which are never displaced

    For deep in my heart also live the butterflies
    As they come to life within me heart each day
    While I count the many sweet memories of you
    Which in my thoughts and dreams now stay

    The sheer brilliance of their many vibrant colors
    Produce a vivid rainbow deep within my mind
    Which fills my heart with such an unwavering joy
    Allowing me to enjoy them for endless times

    And the butterflies will be my dearest treasure
    Leaving me never again quite feeling the same
    For the peace they bring can never be measured
    Because on their wings are gently imprinted your name.

    Wendell A. Brown,
    Copyright 2011, from
    “When Each Day I Write Of You”

    Thanks for your wonderful uplifting post today dear sister!

    1. How nice! Thank you for sharing your poem for it relates me of my own experience with the butterfly.That girl in the story was actually myself. Your literary composition is so uplifting as well. 😉

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