No rules, No Ifs and Buts, No Whys and Hows just  Because…. These lines were created when the author was at the height of deepest blissful experience.

When one expresses oneself  in a unique way, the word “Crazy” is probably the best word that describes a person.  Being crazy is being unique,  being rare, being special. Being crazy is to express with great zeal. That’s how this composition was envisioned and conceptualized.

The intensity of light portrays a crazy persons’ intense expression of affection.


Like a shadow glittering in the dark, a silhouette of smile;
A stranger saying hello and said goodbye;
Like a song permeates emotion, one can fly without wings;
A melody that satiate the air, it thrills;

Like the sun in glowing light vibrates its aura;
A star that shines showing charisma;
Like the moon reflects  inner beauty;
The universe translates deep into infinity.

Like the wind blow, it embraces and clutches;
A fire glowing of intensity;
Like water flowing formless;
A natures’ way to dance of beauty.

Like a horse; agile, dynamic and  powerful;
A tough spirited soul;
Like a bird, amiable, sweet and gentle;
Charming, loving, unselfish and affable.

Like a cup of coffee of soothing aroma, enticing;
A unique ingredient, divinely appetizing;
Like a chalice of wine, red, sweet, sparkling;
An emblem of affection, so inspiring!

Like a tome, rich, brilliant, intelligent;
A personality;  keen  and strong without fear;
Like a treasure, so precious I cherish;
A stranger who’s friendship so dear.

C* June 10,2011 by niirmaladevi


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