Creating Peace in a Chaotic World

With Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron (Founder of Sravaste Abbey)

Creating Peace in a Chaotic World

       It was a heavenly experience when my sister and her husband took me for a visit to a Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana. As I entered the entrance of the temple, a strong vibration of peace and love transcend into my whole body. An unexplainable feeling, as if I was floating, levitating into the height of blissful state! Nothing can compare to this experience of peaceful encounter.

The place was so quiet, the environment was so calm and serene that even the slightest natures’ sound can be heard. The smell of green in the air was so inviting and refreshing as one could witness the beauty of trees around and welcoming every guest with warm embrace. Even the soft wind clutches as I felt it gently  and deeply into my skin.

There were already a number of guests in the meditation hall. One can hear nothing but the quiet sound of silence and calmness in the atmosphere, so uplifting, so enchanting, so mystical, so divine. Around the hall, I can catch a glimpse of golden yellow wall finish, which is for me a symbol of power and strength. At the center where the Buddhist nun is supposed to sit and meditate and would speak in front, one can see the picture of the Dalai Lama and at the center most of the hall, which is the focal point, is the statue of Buddha, the Enlightened One.

We were told to keep a moment of silence, by meditating while waiting for the nun. As everyone were seated in half-lotus and lotus position, a slight, gentle deep breathing can be heard, each contemplating and meditating. Fifteen minutes later, came in Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron, the Buddhist Nun with her orange gold habit, smiling nodding her head with her hands clasp together and greeted everyone, “Namaskar.” Her face as she smiled, was so full of inspiration and enlightenment, as if something is awaiting to be revealed. Then she sat down in a prayer pillow, still smiling, vibrating certain aura of wisdom. She started looking to each and every one, a penetrating, smiling look as if trying to read each other’s mind and said, “Creating peace in a chaotic world.”

This is very difficult for me, I thought. This world is always full of chaos and trickery. How can anyone exposed to this kind of situation be able to create peace within oneself?

For almost two hours straight, the nun shared her own experiences and citing other peoples’ experiences about peace and creating peace within oneself. Relating every situation in practical realistic way, everyone in the audience can just experience the oneness as each words coming out from her heart and mind was so liberating and so full of “Wisdom.”

As I tried to synthesize the whole idea of the discussion, it simply boils down to only one word. A word so powerful! Powerful enough to penetrate into space… into infinity.  A word that made everything possible in this universe. A word powerful enough to permeate every atom in this vast universal cosmos. A word so powerful to conquer everything. A word so mighty to soften a heart of even a ferocious beast. A word powerful enough to cause “Creation” in any form.

A powerful word called “LOVE.”

        This in itself, is the very essence of our existence. As I have this thought in my mind, the nun mentioned a phrase, “In order to create peace, one should vibrate love from within.” I suppose the lesson here is that, every unique individual being already have that “Love Power” embedded within, at the time of birth. It reflects back into a natural cycle that everything in this universe existed out of love. It only needs to be activated and enforced. It only needs to be practiced and executed the way it is suppose to be, in a positive way. What makes this world chaotic is simply and nothing but mans’ negative thoughts, intentions and actions. This world is not chaotic after all, it is simply a beautiful place to live in. It is God’s greatest gift to humankind. So why create a chaotic world out of negative thoughts? To avoid this negative thoughts is just simply to create PEACE from within and this peace, transcends out of LOVE.

Vibrating love from within means doing the opposite which is Positive. Positive thoughts, positive intentions and positive actions. Kind  words, sincere and honest intention, compassionate, righteous deeds is all it takes to vibrate Love. Once started, it becomes a continuous rhythmic pulsating wave, a mantra of Love.

I learned this from my spiritual teacher that, “In universal sense, LOVE is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes, unites, and binds together.” and that “LOVE is a broad thing to know, understand, share, feel and to have, but it surely boils down to Selflessness.”

Vibrate Selfless Love from within and create Peace in this chaotic world!

Christie and Tony Silvers (My sister and Brother-in-Law)

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