“You’re My Angel”

This composition was inspired by a song “You Raised Me Up” rendered by Josh Groban. Life isn’t always joy and happiness. One has to experience the opposite of it. There is always a reason why man has to encounter both joy and sorrow, happiness and grief, excitement and serenity, anxiety and tranquility, strength and weakness and so on…..It only takes an ability to deal with it. A song, a poetic composition, a painting or any kind of inspiration will keep us going through.


You raised me up… I knew I am weak,
when anguish came one day,
nowhere to go, no one to speak;
kept it to myself, hid it inside;
from affliction, salvation I seek.

You raised me up…
when I was at my lowest,
I ponder alone in solitude;
then your song permeates the air ;
with your enchanting voice, I hear.

You raised me up…
and I find peace in my heart,
your song never fails to console me;
from pain, worry and anxiety;
made me strong and kept me company.

You raised me up…
and what a miracle it brings,
like a ray of light, you guided my direction;
to a road of bliss and enlightenment,
I found comfort and gain redemption.

You raised me up…
and I knew I am blessed,
cause I found an angel, heaven sent;
you are God’s instrumentality;
and bestowed me, serenity.

You raised me up…
inspired me and humanity,
and I shall forever enfold;
with your exalting melody;
I am delivered from adversity.

You raised me up… you’re my angel, you set me free.

C*Niirmala Devi Sept.23,2011 All Rights Reserved

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