When and How

One of my very emotional encounter is when a friend of mine related to me her moments of life’s experience. As she gives recount of her own encounter, it depicts a heart breaking experience. I can feel the pain she felt as she reminisce every sequential events of it. It was for her an inner battle that until now she said she’s trying to overcome. So overwhelming and so emotional that I made a composition out of it. (The art work that comes with this composition is also the authors’ art creation rendered in watercolor.)

“When and How”

As I struggle with this inner battle,

Every moment of my encounter seems meaningless.

Each day, never can I call a brighter one,

Each night is always a nightmare.

Even as I listen to a song,

Relates  a melancholic event in my life.

I try to deviate from my usual boring routine,

Nothing seems to happen.

When I look at people around me,

Every face that I see, so full of sarcasm and ridicule.

Even as I try to look at nature,

Color gray paints it.

As I look at the sky, I see nimbus clouds.

Even the birds’ tweet sounds like an angry thunder,

Trees appear like chasing giants,

Flowers look like scary little creatures,

Grasses seem to transform like spikes blocking my way,

Road occurs to me like a labyrinth confusing me which way to follow,

I try to look at the space, it all seems to be an endless nothingness.

When will this battle come to an end?

When and How?

(C* April 2012 Niirmala Devi All rights Reserved)


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