Just Small Stuff

I never sweat a small stuff…..

To frustrate when ignored?

To get upset when rejected?

To be in rage when not being acknowledged?

To feel sad when no one remembers?

To be discouraged when dream seems to fail?

To display anger when some people sound unfriendly?

Agitated when special friends suddenly turn their back?

Belittled when one laughs and ridicules?

Fear when nobody seem to care?

Dismayed when disowned?

Daunted when people I care seemed indifferent?

Intimidated when one seemed to over show ones’ personality?

Defeated when someone is angry or upset with me?

Distressed when everything seems to fall upside down?

Feel unwanted when some people close to me suddenly didn’t care & abuse my kind gesture?

What else? Tell me?

I never sweat a small stuff …after all in this chaotic world… I may or may not show it….

I still have PEACE in my heart.

I still radiate COMPASSION.

I still vibrate LOVE from within.

I still CARE.

I am blessed for I am a special creature in this planet….. and if one comes to me and talks to me….. I will always listen and I will and will always will be, a kind, compassionate, loving, caring, fun to be with. I am “ME”. I am, and I never sweat a small stuff. 🙂

(I am specially thankful to Dr. Richard Carlson, PH.D.  for his wonderful inspiration and giving me insight towards realization of not sweating a small stuff… it’s nothing but small stuff.)


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