A Letter to Ann

In Loving Memory of Ann C. Lamagna

Dear Annie,

Every time I look at you, I reflect the youthful times of my life.  I began to reminisce the days when I first came to feel and breathe the fresh air, hear and see the sights and sounds of nature, when I began to stride my first step, when I first held a spoon to feed myself, when I began to see and explore the beauty of this world, when I began to face challenges of life……

When I stare at you even longer,  that youthfulness graduated into transition… a slow transformation… a subtle transfiguration. A gradual shift,  when color changes value and slowly  turns gray into black; when a rose bud transforms into a beautiful blooming flower then turns into a brown withered one; when an organism slowly decays and perish into earth.

Then I began to question myself,  “Will I be as strong spirited as you are?” “Will I be that fighter in you?” “Will I be that beautiful soul as you are?”

Annie, you remind me of a woman who became to be a very special part of my life.  A woman who has taught me about Life and about Love.  A woman who showed me how to endure pain and struggle in life. A woman who taught me a lesson on spiritual strength.. Just like you, she is a very special person. She is the very reason of my existence. She is simply the reason of  my everything.

Annie, you remind me of this woman called  “My Mother.” From her quiet interior, I became into this… not just a  human being but a human person.  My mother,  just like you is a  Fighter, who can endure the strike of pains and sorrows. A symbol of unconditional love and compassion,  clemency, mercy and tenderness.

I see this woman in you, every moment I share stories with you, when  I dine with you, watch TV with you or simply listen to music with you. I see this woman in you… My mother.

You have taught me a very important lesson in Life too. You taught me a lesson of  “Impermanence”, a lesson how to “Conquer the Fear” of death; a lesson that everything must “Change;” a lesson to “Let Go;” and most of all, a  lesson about “Love.”

Now, No longer will I hear you say, “Good night, God bless you,” before we both retire for the day.  No longer can I hold and  see you physically yet I want to let you know, that I’m holding and seeing you spiritually in my heart. Right at this very moment as I am writing this note for you, I know Where and Who you’re with.

Annie, I want to thank you for everything… for all the wonderful memories we share together, the stories, the laughter….. Everything. I want to let you know that you are already a part of my life’s journey. I want to let you know that “ I love you.”
I love it when you Smile 🙂



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