“Fall Leaves” (Lipstick Art)

Fall mornings are beautiful!

One beautiful, fall October morning,  I had my alarm set to five a.m. For some reason, I woke up earlier than my morning wake-up buzz.  Guess, I didn’t need it anyway. I prepared my stuff,  put on my walking gear… and how can anyone go out for a weekly exercise regimen without this essential gadget… a music player!

6:30 a.m.  Outside my apartment building. It was still  dark and I decided to hang-out in my favorite cafe’ for a while and grab a nice, hot, freshly brewed coffee. Soothing! I stayed inside the cafe’ until daylight comes out a bit from the horizon.

It takes about  five-minute walk until I will have to reach the nice, irregular shaped walking trail and the beautiful landscape design in the park.  It was an easy, natural stride along the way, while I enjoy the rest of my coffee and listen to my favorite smooth jazz music at the same time.

At the park. As usual, I see the same scene as I get to enter the gate. Some Chinese nationals perform Tai-Chi exercise, both young and old, men and women, some of them with their pet dogs, all out in their walking or jogging routine. A couple of them were even in their cane. I also see a Buddhist nun in her golden orange habit sitting in one of those benches silently meditating with japa in her hand. I just cannot keep my eye away from this nun every time I pass-by where she sits and meditate. I wish I could have sat beside her and meditate too. Like the nun, I also have a japa which I use while I walk /jog and recite my mantra at the same time.

Now, the sun is revealing it’s beauty as it rises in the East. I have seven rounds already…  and seven times I pass-by this Buddhist nun… and seven times she looks at the japa I have in my right hand… and seven times, I get to see the beauty of colorful flowers along side of the park… and seven times I get to step past some of the beautiful fall leaves from the trees. Its reddish-orange and dark-shaded yellow colors glow like the golden orange hue of the rising sun as it reflects its light to the ground. I get to pick seven of them in varied sizes, wrap it carefully with a napkin I got from the cafe’ and safely kept in my sling purse.

8:00 a.m. The sun is now in full bloom like a flower as it lifts itself in full openness. Beautiful, dazzling, elegant, simply gorgeous! It is time to go back and on my way home, I still can visualize  how this new day gives me a fresh smell of a fall morning and that real picture of a lovely, natural fall outdoor scene.

Indeed, mornings are beautiful on this fall October morning and I get to pick beautiful fall leaves which is part of the art work project I call, lipstick art. At home. Still, I can see in my inner vision the beauty of this gorgeous day. I start to grab my easel, brushes, drawing strathmore pad and my lipsticks. Of course I need the fall leaves I get to pick from the park.

3:00 p.m. I get to finish this artwork I call,  “Fall Leaves”  (A Lipstick Art)

Fall Leaves (Lipstick Art)
“Fall Leaves” (Lipstick Art)

Fall mornings are beautiful and I give thanks for this beautiful day, the golden sun, the colorful flowers, the Buddhist nun, the people around, the trees, the park, the coffee, the fall leaves … everything around me.

Fall mornings are beautiful and I just realize, it is the 3rd of October. It is my father’s birthday. A tear fell from my eyes. Five years… yes, five years, I never get to see him again. Where ever he is now, this is for him… my father.  Fall mornings are beautiful and I give thanks because on this 3rd of October, it reminds me of my father’s birthday.

Fall mornings are indeed beautiful!


8 thoughts on ““Fall Leaves” (Lipstick Art)


  2. A wonderful post. Something I have trouble seeing; the beauty of fall. I tend to feel everything is dead, not just waiting, and feel depressed. You have made me feel more refreshed about Fall. Your picture is beautiful!

    1. Everything in the environment is beautiful if we take time to stop and look and feel it. Thank you very much for taking time of appreciating the article and the artwork. 😉

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