Morning Blessing

“Songbird” (This Lipstick Art, I dedicate to all my WP friends who have inspired the whole world)

How deeply engrossing it is to be indulging one’s mind into inspiring words  of wisdom from my WP friends!

It awakens my inner “Me.”

While I savor myself with freshly brewed morning coffee… I browse and sail my imagination as I read several articles and I thank  “God!” for this wonderful morning.  I got people who have put  their hearts into written words. Lucky are these people who have the “WISDOM” to inspire and arouse one’s central gist of feelings and emotion.

“You are magnificent,” “Embrace, Belief is forever,” “Don’t lose hope,” “Joy is a blessing…” those poetic expressions… are just few of those exalting lines that stirs my inner urge and enliven  my spirit. Even just the photographs of what I call, “Nourishing Substance” is as divinely appetizing as these enlightened people’s written words.

From my inner core and with all sincerity of my heart and with all the divine charms of my mind… I am personally humbled and blessed, and indebted and praise and appreciate and thank all of you, for you have spoken your hearts and shared it to the world. Thank you for this “Blessing” and thank you  for your “Words of Wisdom.”

It really awakens my inner “Me.”




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