A Special Celebration

I know it was yet last year, I haven’t stopped-by and dropped a line. Now, here I am. Back in my circulation desk to share you a story….and give myself a drive.

“A Special Celebration”

“I want to give you a little celebration”  A very kind, generous line pronounced and echoed into my hearing… a wonderful sound of Friendship and Love.

I could have enjoyed a piece of doughnut and a freshly brewed coffee by myself or… I could have stayed home and just slept… and dreamed. And in my dream, I could have seen my nephews and niece, my brothers and my mother commemorating and rejoicing with me on this very important day of  my life.

An important day of my life… the day when I first inhaled and exhaled fresh breath of air. The day when I first experienced the illuminating light of this world through my thin delicate, fragile closed eyes. The day when I first cried the sound “OM”… the sound of creation. The day when I came out from a woman’s quiet interior. My day of birth.

December 7,  several years ago, on that very day… as I recount everyday challenges and struggles of my life… and up to this very moment… Life in itself, I still consider, Wonderful.

While walking alone in a cold, drizzling mix of light rain and flurries one wintry evening, along a slippery, crowded busy Main street in Flushing… I almost forgot when a spark of memory flashed into my mind. A dinner appointment with a special friend! The weather wasn’t cooperating so while heading towards the bus station with my umbrella, I called my friend and suggested to reschedule the dinner. I got a “NO” for an answer and the next moment I knew, we were heading toward Manny’s Restaurant in Jamaica.

It was a small, not really very sophisticated restaurant. Foods were all in “Filipino delicacy,” not to mention fried fish with head and tail.  My friend never liked fish served with head and tail. No, not even a sight of it. But not for Filipinos, it is just how it is being served with matching side of green onions and tomatoes and soy sauce. Nonetheless, we ended up indulging our appetite with “Chicken Abodo” with white Rice and a Fresh Vegetable Lumpia. (Lumpia – A Filipino roll, served either with meat or vegetable, fresh or fried)

We tossed with our glasses of red wine.  What a wonderful dinner and a worthwhile conversation while we satisfied ourselves with delicacy of Filipino food. We ate, we talked, we laughed, shared stories… just about anything.

What a moment! A moment worth more than a thousand bars of gold… a moment I shall cherish and treasure for the rest of my life. Being alone in this part of the country… thousand miles away from my family and relatives… I just realized, someone who’s obviously not a part of my biological tree, can be considered a Family.  I was in a point of my highest trajectory of Blissfulness and Happiness. I cannot show my friend tears coming from my eyes yet my  heart and my mind was in excessive “Tears of Joy.”

To my special friend, I want to Thank You. Even I, myself cannot fathom the feeling I felt for you have made the most important day of my life, the day when I received the “Gift of Life”… a Very Special One.  When I paused  for a while to say, “Thank You for everything…” You replied to me, “I want to give you a little celebration”

Now, I want to say to you… and I want to echo this to the whole world,  that it wasn’t just a little celebration. It was in fact, a VERY  SPECIAL CELEBRATION.

From the bottom of my heart… Thank You Marianne,  for your Friendship and Love. As my way of expressing how grateful I am, here’s something I have to offer to you.

Lipstick Art ( in Gold lipstick color)
Lipstick Art ( in Gold lipstick color)

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