Language from my Heart

“Language from my Heart”



I write not for anybody’s pleasure to read but;

For me to express my inner feelings and emotions.

I write to give meaning of my real self;

And not to reveal criticism on others.

Neither do I speak the language of  the scholars…

For they speak not the words of the indigenous;

Nor do I speak the language of a genius…

For they speak the words only genius can comprehend.


I can only speak the language of ordinary men…

For they only can comprehend the sincerity of my heart

and the cordiality of my mind.

Every word that I say, every line that I write;

It is True… it is Real… it is Sincere…

It is the Language coming from my Heart.

(C* Nirrmala Devi  January 22, 2013)


3 thoughts on “Language from my Heart

  1. Hello … Talented Lady … Wonderful poem and artwork; very unique …. very moving ….

    Love & Miss You …

    And, my bus reservations are set for January 31st ….

    Will be at Marianne’s that night : )

    Love, Hugs, Prayers, grace

  2. Niirmala, your really do not have to say a word, as your paintings speak wonderfully through the smiles that you transferred from your heart and spirit! They are contaigious as i have embraced them, and i am smiling brightly. They speak endlessly of his love that fills your heart! And you in turn share it with us so beautifully in the language I will always understand for it is in the language of his love which I know so well! God bless!

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