Happiness in my Heart

“Happiness in my Heart”

"Happy Hearts" (Mixed media: Water Color and Red & Gold Lipstick)
“Happy Hearts” Artwork by Niirmala Devi. (Mixed media: Water Color and Red & Gold Lipstick)

Happiness is…

I was on my way to a mall four blocks away from where I live, when I caught a sight of an old lady in her late-seventies,  struggling to pull a seemingly very heavy big black garbage bag. Nobody seemed to noticed this helpless old woman as I came closer.

Politely, I came to her and offered help. “May I help you? This bag seemed to be so heavy for you to carry by yourself.” The old woman smiled at me with relief and said, “Yes, please.”

It was indeed very heavy as I grabbed the other end of the bag to help her. Inside, was a desktop computer. The woman told me she just bought it three days past and didn’t work well and so she has to return it. It was quite a walk while we carried the bag towards the elevator.

While waiting for the elevator door to open , the old woman said, “Thank you so much for your help.” She motioned herself as if telling me she was okay to be alone in the elevator. “You’re very welcome, ” I replied, … but I have to take you until you get to the store to return this.” She stared at me,  teary-eyed and said, “You’re so kind, thank you so much.”

“Not at all, I just want to help you.”  She then stared at me longer this time. I wondered what was on her mind yet one thing I knew, I felt something from within.

At last, we were at the store and I still held the bag until we finally got into the front desk of the costumer service.

“Here we are, so you’re good.” “I have to go now, and you take care.” I said. Then the old woman grabbed my arms and hugged me tight and kissed me, and said, “You made my day so beautiful. You are an angel, and I thank you so much. God Bless You, my dear.”

“My pleasure,” I replied. Then I went home with so much Happiness in my heart.

Happiness is……. beyond description.  I can only express it, using my brush.

So, what is Happiness for you? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happiness in my Heart

  1. Is that story true? It is very touching and beautiful …. And, knowing you … it probably is!!!

    Love, Hugs & Prayers, grace

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