“Dinagyang” A Cultural Dance Festival
(In Water Color by Niirmala D.)


We mask ourselves to conceal Insecurities;

We mask ourselves to display Pride;

We mask ourselves to make known of our Superiority to others;

We mask ourselves to expel our own Weaknesses;

We mask ourselves to reveal Self-centeredness;

We mask ourselves to flaunt Ignorance;

We mask ourselves to hide with whatever Weakness we have in us.

Why mask to Disguise?

Why not Mask to Express BEAUTY?

To reveal what is Outside to the Inside. 

To reveal what is Without to Within.


From Inside to Outside… From Within to Without..


MASK it with BEAUTY.

 (Niirmala Devi – 2.20.13)


3 thoughts on ““Mask”

  1. There is so much beautiful wisdom in your words Nirmala, i can sit reading them finding my spirit to be refreshed by their nourishing spiritual power! You are a treasure with the tender way you share your gifts…and yet your genuine smile says it all in your photo! Your words have been a true blessing to my morning…thanks for that gift! And may god keep you safe while blessing you in abundance!

  2. Thank you very much Mr. Brown. I am personally uplifted with your not only encouraging but enlightening comments. It is a Blessing as well. (Niirmala)

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