Things Happen for a Reason

“Follow your dream and take the spotlight. A partner teaches you how. Write the script carefully. Give up hopelessness. Competition is fierce, but you know how to play.”


While heading towards the subway, I took  a free paper out from a news stand and to my surprise, those lines in quotation marks are just exactly what relates to what happened thirty minutes earlier before I grabbed the paper. I had a lunch meeting with a friend.

I told my friend I’m in a tough situation where I had disagreements with my colleagues, family member issues, work and some personal stuffs going on. I wasn’t in my total focus in whatever it is that I am doing yet I force myself to be in full control. There was a  point, where I question why things are happening when I know I really don’t deserve it.

While the food has to be savored by the the nourishment it is suppose to render, I instead bestowed it with a banquet of censure, discontent and grief. Neither did I appreciate the so-called nourishing substance nor just even admire  its presentation. Well, not at all… I just aired out all my sentiments.

I just talked with afflictions in my heart and my friend just listened. I didn’t know my friends’ thinking at that time but I thought, nothing indeed gives pleasure but the hearing  of one’s hopeless revelations. She just listened with eyes full of pity and compassion. When it was time for her to speak, I heard nothing but few words of wisdom that uplifted my spirit and opened an avenue of hope. I was in a state of Blissfulness and I felt that spiritual sensation where a healing touched my heart.

A healing, my heart felt are those words of  blissful inspiration and determination to move on, no matter what. Words that give positive atmosphere like a painting or symphony or a work of art  of prevailing absolute perfect tone and mood. Words that are simply loving and caring.

” There is always something even greater out there for you.”Never lose hope because things happen for a reason. Just think of the positive side of it. Thing s will be okay.” This is all she has to say. I kept silent with relief in my heart, and thank my friend for her words of wisdom.

On our way out, I received a very Good news. This is what I thought my friend told me,  the so-called, “something even greater out there.” Now, I felt not just being relieved but I’m in an empowering state of exaltation. Yes, I am.

My friend taught me one of the greatest lessons in Life. … and she’s a business partner of my Production.

So, now, I decided to write my script carefully and gave up hopelessness. Now, I’m learning how to play. 🙂

Now, I am convinced…. It is indeed true that everything happens for a reason.


Things Happen for a Reason. (Copyright.2014. All rights Reserved)


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