When I’m Gone

When I’m gone… flowers shall dance in grace and it’s petals shall fall in tender elegance;

When I’m gone… wind shall whisper unto one’s ear the softness of its touch;

When I’m gone… clouds shall transcend its graceful move unto its utmost grandeur;

When I’m gone… each chirping sound of a bird shall echo unto space and unite itself to people I care for;

When I’m gone… stars shall glitter in its most illuminating, brilliant sparkling luster;

When I’m gone… the powerful inner core of sun’s energy shall intensify and strengthen itself to reach out every creation on Earth;

When I’m gone… the Universe shall loss one speck of particle and shall regenerate itself in its natural way;

When I’m gone… I shall experience the absence of each wonderful moment of pleasure I encounter;

When I’m gone… neither do I vanish nor depart myself, yet I shall give distance to allow time to draw closer to me;

When I’m gone… my heart and soul shall become visible to those who are dearest to me;

When I’m gone… I shall embrace one beautiful soul and with inspiring melody, Shall I sing and dance with pure Joy  and Love.

When I’m gone… I am within,  I am without.

“When I’m Gone” A captured poetry.

Copyright.2014. All Rights Reserved


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