Music and Meditation

Little Buddha @ New York Insight Meditation Center

The Place. One cold, wintry evening.  February 1, 2014.  7:00 pm. at New York Insight Meditation Center, in downtown Manhattan, my friend invited me to come and join the event. I came earlier and stopped-by in a coffee shop and stayed for a couple of minutes with my soothing warm coffee. In a while…

I went outside to meet my friend waiting for me right in front of the building. She buzzed the door and we went inside up in the elevator. It was on the tenth floor and viewing outside on a window, one can see a glimpse of beautiful lights of other tall buildings. The skyscraper in the middle of other brightly lit skyscrapers. A beautiful sight indeed!

At the entrance, we hanged our jackets and removed our shoes. There, was a frail soft-spoken man in white shirt and in his fifties, greeted and met us at the doorway and gestured us to get inside. We went inside after registering our names on a sheet of paper. Me and my friend slowly went inside. I can hear the cracking sound of wooden floor as we walked towards the meditation hall.

It was almost like a bare hall with several stack of chairs on left just right next to the door, and on the right, is a small table with a statue of Little Buddha seated on top of it, and an incense stand and a candle. In the middle of the hall on the right, is  a receiving place with black-leather like furniture where visitors can sit while waiting. One can see a closed room just across the receiving  area, maybe a private room for some reason, I don’t know.

On the left corner-most part of the hall,  is a platform where one can see different kinds of percussion instruments, in varied sizes and of different forms placed on the carpet and on the platform.  One can also see on an area rug, a square and a rounded red cushions that one can use to sit while meditating. Surrounding it, were about ten to  fifteen chairs for visitors to sit upon if they opt not to sit on a cushion pad.  We waited in silence, wondering what is going to happen.

Then came in, four musical artists… sat on the platform and closed their eyes in lotus position. Suddenly, the man who greeted us, told everyone of us on the hall, to close our eyes  and listen to ourselves. Then, the session began. While we all sat in silence and in meditation, the musical instruments began to play.

The Experience. I closed my eyes while sitting still on a chair. Then, I heard the instruments playing. One by one each sound of instruments rendered in melodic poetry.  In one moment, as I contemplated on the sound of each musical instruments, I suddenly heard bird’s chirping sound; a crispy sound of fire; a flapping of wings; the rushing of waters; the swaying leaves of trees; a whistle sound of soft wind and a cricket sound which I always hear the moment I close my eyes.

These were the sounds that echoed unto my ears while I sat down in my silence of meditation. I heard every bit, every rhythm, every pattern of each melody… every bit of it, echoed in unison with nature… the symmetry of musical instruments, the rhythmical combination of  each sound,  I call “Divine Harmony.”

As I enjoyed myself in this peaceful  moment, I felt myself levitating and my whole body quivered in vibrating force coming from my inner core. I felt my forehead touched by Divine Power and the Heat vibrated in centripetal motion.. as it gradually flowed over my whole body. How Peaceful, how Uplifting!

In one instant, of that experience, I heard the rhythmic pattern of my breathing as if dancing with the sacred musical tune rhyming in constant poetic motion. Then, I became “One.”  One… Yes… One with the Universe. ..and the sound faded out… Nothing… Nothingness ruled over me. I heard nothing anymore yet my whole being felt the Lightness being pulled away from gravitational force… as if I felt I was in my galactic future… as if I was one of those stars in cosmic constellations.

Then, I saw a Light. A very brilliant light, illuminating appeared right in front of me.  Then the bell sound… I hear… I suddenly was back from that melodic nature’s cosmic experience. I am back to my present.  How Peaceful! How blissful!

Another wonderful encounter with a wonderful soul. Indeed, nature has its own way of uniting souls together, just as uniting nature with melodic tune … just as  uniting music with meditation.

Somewhere, Somehow, there’s always time and place for every thing… for every one.



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