How do you know?


I don’t.

You stood in shadows and clouds and yet your eyes seem to part them long enough for me to see.
They were sad, lonely, beautiful and reflective.

Beautiful mirrors.

Revealing what was true and oh so familiar.

Gone where the shadows.

And there we were naked and scared.

Strange. I loved you.

Don’t ask why.

I have no answer. How free I felt.

Then you ran. Not far but close.

Close enough for me to see

How others love you, hold you, kiss you

My confusion and hurt delighted you.

Made you smile. Made my heart ache.

Ache love, not break

For if my heart where to break then We would be lost forever.

I understand what most don’t and what you never will.

I am more you than you can ever imagine.

So, understand the choices you make only leave me to respond the way I do.

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