Things I ask to Myself

When nature offers beauty to the eyes of man, It brings pleasure and a soothing feeling of comfort.
When nature offers beauty to the eyes of man, It brings pleasure and a soothing feeling of comfort.

Have you thought about it?

When you opened your eyes from deep slumber, have you thought of someone other than loved-ones, and said to yourself, what a Blessing they are to you?

When you stir your cup of morning coffee, have you imagined how each bean represent hard labor from the fields before it came to your coffee table, and thought how these people toiled to harvest and how lucky for you to enjoy its aroma and taste?

Have you smelled the freshness of flower today, and thought what a Beauty it brought to your day?

Have you on your way to work, thought of how those people panhandling, singing songs with their musical instruments, those ladies carrying babies begging, those young boys dancing with their music box, those foul smelling homeless people dragging garbage bags, sleeping on subway cars…. have you thought? .. that somehow their stories may be rich and inspiring in any way?

On a subway, those printed paintings… those poetry in motion…  when you look at it, when you read it, have you thought that somehow there is a hidden message behind it… and have you thought that in some way, it relates to your own life?

Graffiti on walls… yes it is an artwork of some sort. Yet, when you closely look at it, have you ever thought, that behind this great mural is a display of anger, fear, desire, insecurity, insanity, longing and craving for acceptance?

While rushing along with the crowd, have you caught a sight of a smile with unspoken hello and good day… or have you heard or even felt the message of it that says, “Take care and God Bless You?”

Or… have you even caught a sight of grumpiness with a feeling of anger and hatred within… yet deep in itself, is a desire to have someone listen, when it express itself. Have you dared ask, “Are you okay?”

Have you caught a sight of beauty… and thought of, “What if, behind that charm and pulchritude is a monstrous, threatening character?

Have you caught a sight of loneliness with a feeling of sadness within… have you thought of, radiating a smile on your face and furnish in it a warmth of comfort?

Along the streets and avenues…have you caught a sight of a man with a sign,” I am jobless, please help me feed myself.  “Have you stopped and closely observed and ask to yourself, “Why is this happening? .. or just simply give a helping hand?

You bumped someone’s shoulder in a hurried pace, have you stopped for a while and said, “I’m Sorry, I didn’t  mean it?”

On your most busy days or even crazy days… have you stopped and paused, and think of people you care and those people who care for you.  Have you dared say, “Hello, I hope you’re okay?”

When things get rough and tough… when everything seemed to be upside-down, when friends are nowhere to be found, nobody remembers, have you paused for a while and asked, “Where have I gone wrong?”

What if someone who hated you, threatens and challenges you in any way, have you thought of just being calm say nothing until it is time to talk to that person?

Even if a friend or someone dear to you, speaks ill of you, behind your back… have you thought of doing the same or simply keep silent and smile? Have you ever thought that it is not really about You, but it’s really about Them because it reflects who and what kind of person they are?

With all these things happening around you, all the hustle and bustle, all these chaos the world has to give… have you thought of simply saying, “Thank You” with all serenity and sincerity from your heart?

Have you thought about these things?

YES, all these questions… and more questions… I ask to myself…

I did pay attention to things around me, and I am proud to say, Yes, I did.

Copyright 4.2.14 All Rights Reserved


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