Lost…and Not Found


Is this yours? Is this yours?

I came across this the other night. I was on my way home after my friend’s wedding reception, oddly. A day when two hearts vowed to stay as one until their final days. Wow, that was sappy. Corny. Sorry, see what happens when you try to be poetic.

Well anyway, the sight of this heart had me feeling a certain way.

I wondered who it belonged to.Did he/she leave it there intentionally? Did he/she lose it and not realize? Was it stolen from he/she and left on the platform never to be found again. Ever. There is a part of me or, several parts of me, that can relate with all three scenarios.

Someone once said, “Tis better not to love than to love at all” or is it, “Tis better to have known love then not at all”. Maybe I’m making that up. Well, whomever said…

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