Easter Doves’ Surprise Visit

Friday. 18th of May about 9:00 am. It was a Good Friday. The day when the whole Christian world commemorates the Passion of Christ. The day when I promised to go Offline (no internet, no cellphone).. Just focus this day to myself and do something different.

I just closed my eyes in meditation, when I heard a strange calling sound on my window. I ignored it for a while… and… on an awning glass window, I heard it again. This time, a three knocking sound!

Then, I opened my eyes and saw this Dove picking its bill on a window glass… as if saying “Hi” to me. I immediately stood up and grabbed my camera and took its picture. To my surprise, it didn’t move, it just looked at me and actually posed for me. Picture Perfect!

I felt Blessed that day having this wonderful creature visit me with a warm Easter Greetings! After I took it’s picture, it flew away. I was in Bliss and how Exalting it felt when a pleasant surprise and wonderful things happen. This day when I dedicated to only focus on myself… just relax and do something I love to do is being graced with amazing, wondrous, phenomenon like this.

This is a strange surprise and I know there’s something deeper to contemplate.

Can somebody tell me please …. What was the message?

I tried to figure out, I couldn’t get the hidden message. Can somebody share some words of wisdom out of it? I would appreciate if you do 😉

Have a HAPPY EASTER Everyone 😉


3 thoughts on “Easter Doves’ Surprise Visit

  1. I think the dove is a symbol of peace. Sometimes we look for deep meanings when things often are so simple.

    The dove was there on the ark with the olive branch, the holy spirit descended as a dove. Both instances suggest a completion. The ark had finally found land and as a result hope. The holy spirit descended on Jesus signifying Gods pleasure in His son and that He had finally been reborn after baptism, symbolizing the new beginning of redemption that by Jesus example was ours to follow. Both the dove in the ark and at jesusbaptism represent new beginnings. Good Friday was the day you saw the dove I assume? Well good Friday we remember his death and I guess seeing the dove on this day suggests that though we may die, we have hope. Jesus died but rose again. Noah saw his whole world flooded but finally the waters receded. If it had not been for the dove in both Noahs and Jesus life, hope would not have a chance to live on. The dove is a simple illustration of a very profound phenomenon. It is hope that no man can catch without first regarding it in his heart. Much like the dove.

    1. How wonderful ! Thank you so much. You have given me this eternal, timeless, priceless GIFT on EASTER SUNDAY 🙂

      It is very timely and just perfect… for my goal within me is to find PEACE despite this chaotic world… and to find HAPPINESS even in the midst of unfortunate occurrences.

      I really appreciate you stopping-by and giving me this Words of Wisdom. THANK YOU.
      Have a Blessed and a Happy Easter 😉

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