“Message from my Teacher”

This is actual hand writing of my teacher.

It was thirty years ago today, my teacher wrote this to me in Sanskrit.

When I close my eyes in silence of meditation, I contemplate on the lessons I learned from him. The lessons he never said to me in words but in actions and through his examples. He doesn’t appear saintly but rather natural and normal person. When I say natural. He is a natural crazy, insane and funny person. When I say normal, he is an ordinary person on the street. No title, not famous. .. But why do I call him teacher? It is because, he is full of Wisdom. It is from him that I learned to transform myself.

I once, saw him, sit under the tree and I am at a distance gazing at him when all of a sudden a neighbors’ dog came chasing at me and I ran towards him. He stood up and called the dog and to my surprise, it bowed it’s head and came to him and kissed my teacher’s’ hand. Then it gazed at my teachers’ eyes and nodded it’s head.. and it sat beside him. I was on the other side still scared and trembling. Then my teacher placed his arm around me and said, “It’s okay now.” In an instant, the abnormal beating of my heart stopped.

On one occasion, we we’re having a group meditation. He called me and held my hand and said, “Make use of the gift given to you and be happy. It is only you who can make yourself Happy.” He was right. Only me, can make myself happy.

There are a thousand and one things to relay why I call him teacher. It is a long, long, long story. I can only prove it with who I am now. My thoughts, my words and deeds will tell. His teachings transcended to me in so many ways.. the way I care, the way I love the way I share. I may not show it, but one can feel it. I can only smile  and silently, sing in Joyful tone:)

His message? ” Please try to study hard to maintain balance and harmony of the mind.”

My teacher, wherever you are, I can never forget the song, you wanted me to sing the moment your soul left your physical body.. and when your remains blended with the Earth. You told me, “Home is where your heart is. Home is when you are Happy. Home is when you learn to Love”  I then realized it was your favorite song. Your Message and this Song means a lot to me. I am at HOME ❤




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