Quiet Words

(Photo Credit: Google Images)

You looked deep unto my eyes… and in quiet voice pronounced…

“So tell me, what do you have to say?”

Your eyes stared through my soul, I sat still in silence;

Your forceful yet subtle tone…aggressive, full of passion.

Nothing but stillness and silence;

I steadily gazed and in quiet response,

Whispered unto myself, “What shall I expect if to you I reveal?”

In my thoughts, and only in the inner surface of my thoughts, I can only tell.

Our eyes met with desire… like raging fire;

In sweetness, we smiled, and…

Let go, of our unspoken thoughts.

In our nearness, we savor happiness and joy;

Every  moment we share… enough for us… to hold US together.

We celebrate our laughter

(Copyright.2014.All Rights Reserved)


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