Body Language, You Speak.


When was the time your language..  loud enough to be heard?
I don’t remember. I never heard.
I never have seen.
Yet, l feel it.

The ocean, in it’s calmness above the surface, reveals the roaring rush of current underneath. It is the language.

Your speech at times display nothing but a blow in
blasphemy of human dignity, full of ridicule, full of shame… yet the inner core of it, is the contrary.  It is the language.

The beauty and elegance of your gesture speaks even louder than your speech. It is the language.

The blue sky, transcends its own natural charm… speaks it’s own pulchritude in silence. Until the cycle of nature interrupts, the loudness of thunderstorm breaks. It is the language.

This Language… l feel…

Neither the calmness of the oceans nor the beauty of the skies… in its extremities… cannot be held equal in comparison to your own language, simply because…

lt cannot hear from the heart.
It cannot see from the heart.
It cannot speak from the heart.

Your Body Language…
is the
Speech from your Heart.

When was the last time? I don’t remember.


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