My Best Buddy


I can’t sleep without you, for you fill my thoughts day and night;

I crave for you intensely when I’m in my solitude;

In my memory, you keep me company and in my lonely hours you satisfy my needs;

You come to my rescue when I’m down and out;

When the world seem upside down and there’s no one I can turn to, you are always by my side;

You are my refuge, when in my longing, I search for satisfaction;

I hunger for you to touch my lips and l sip your liquid inside me;

I desire for your dark tone color and your sweet aroma;

I like you hot, for you are soothing in my throat;

When I’m exhausted, you simply energize me;

Nothing will ever replace you, for you are my best buddy,

I love you, my Coffee 😉

Dedicated to all coffee lovers!



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