Dream Big and Celebrate

Aim for that Dream
          Color pencil sketch on Paper

A wonderful, talented person you are.

Your nobleness of aim,

display strength to pursue your dream. 

A dream long been desired,

A dream somehow in a state of minimal motion.

Yet your desire,

persevere and persist.

You constantly strive and intend to achieve your destination.

You discharge a projectile to

attain that Dream.

The moment you aim the Aperture…

You Aim your Dream.

This very day, You Dream BIG


DreamBigandCelebrateC*2014.AllRights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Dream Big and Celebrate

    1. Thank you Himali. They are actually my friends. She is a theater actress and him jazz pianist. Tha sketch, I gave to her on her birthday.

      1. Thanks Himali. I’m grateful that u do appreciate what I do. And same thing for me, when I read your works… it’s so inspiring. 😉

      2. Thank u so much for spending time reading my work amidst your hectic schedule. I just sent u an email. Thanks a million for all the love and support :)))

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