A message from the Unborn

It waited for a long time in its yearning to see the light. It cannot pursue because you have abused the time it is suppose to reveal itself. Red and White and White and Red. It drowned toxins in itself. Now, it has to come in unnatural way. You suffer in distress and adversity and question yourself. Is it really meant to be?

It shouted from the inside and in silence it screamed, to stop and just let go. In its, innocence, neither can it express nor exhibit the anger it felt from within. How intense, it is wanting to expose itself and see the beauty and light of the world. But it cannot. It has to wait when the time is right, it has to wait when you, yourself is ready. Ready to accept  the truth, ready to embrace acceptance.

You hinder yourself with simple pleasure. You hinder yourself with anger, with anxiety, with fear. It wept from the inside, for only it craves and desires nothing but your happiness. Do you hear it scream? Do you hear its howl?

Time for you now to let go. Time for you now to free yourself, just as the trees allow distance from between its space and permit the freshness of the air to sway within.

Go. Be happy. It will come on its own without your knowing.

(C*Message from the Unborn.All Rights Reserved.2015)


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