Vivid Vision

I saw myself cruising in the ocean of clouds then I heard this ambient, ethereal, mystical melody echoing from a distant. I looked at the vast skies and I saw a constellation of white lotus flowers, gently circling and dancing in perfect rhythmical motion.

In an instant, I saw a lady in white robe with illuminating light that surrounded her entire body. She descended from space holding a garland of white lotus flowers with her arms stretched towards me.

She looked deeply into my eyes as if reaching to the very core of my soul, and with a gentle, compassionate smile, handed me the garland of white lotus flowers. I quivered. I was speechless.

Suddenly, I felt the vibration of spiritual blessing inside me. It flowed down my entire body. I reached out  my arms to accept the gift, closed my eyes and bowed my head in reverence and respect. In an instant, I felt a gradient heat gradually spreading my whole system in centripetal force. 

As I held the lotus flowers in my hand, I opened my eyes again and I looked up. The lady vanished yet the dancing white lotus flowers were still there, moving in rhythmic pattern, rejoicing and celebrating along with me, in harmony with a heavenly tune.  

I clasped the garland of flowers in my hands and slowly held it onto my chest. I was in heaven. I was in a “State of Bliss.”

It was vivid and powerful. Then I woke up. It was Tuesday, 19th of April, 2016.

(vividvisions.C*2016.All Rights Reserved)



One thought on “Vivid Vision

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