-The Sound + The Sight =You


I was watching you through my peripheral vision and I saw a quick glimpse of you staring at me from a distant. I felt the stare like neurotransmitters creeping all throughout my veins, and in every single cell, organ and system of my body.

The heat, the light, the radiation of the sun, seemed no longer was I mindful of it. Its reflection mirrored through the lenses of my eyes, that instead should I be seeing it on surfaces, I’m seeing that aura reflected from you to me. It felt like, electromagnetic waves that you unconsciously emit and vibrated and I absorbed that deep inside me.  I shuddered and quivered silently. I didn’t know what to do.

The sights. The sounds. Neither do I see, nor hear anything around me anymore. Even the roaring sound of the plane, the man screaming on his phone, the baby’s cry on a stroller, the honking of the vehicles, the laughter of people sharing stories… nothing. No longer were my senses focused on the present surroundings and relate it from my past, and be able to create a written composition… not at all.  Instead, my senses were centered towards you. The gravitational force going on inside me at that moment, was beyond description. Only I could say, that the magnitude was so intense.

In my mind, I was no longer within myself. I was within you even at that time when I saw just your shadow, cast under the heat of the sun, as you walked past by me. I couldn’t focus. The recollection of my past as I tried to reminisce back in time, was in no way processing. I thought I needed to reboot my brain’s cpu so it sets back to its default settings.

And yes, I think I have to reboot, and have to stop until the storage space of my thoughts empties some of its files and restarts, and be ready again to process command of my emotions. By that time, I will be able to express fully in written words or in paintings, and the story shall evolve to its wholeness, and the finale shall come to the beginning of its end, and continues beyond.

Now I shall say, that knowing you is a sacred encounter in my life for you nourish my heart and soul. I know one day you shall vanish, and who knows, we shall both meet again in another form, in another dimension, in a virtual place, where there’s only me and you. And then you will teach me the beauty of your written works, and guide me heighten the bar of my vision towards the future, and transform myself into a person that I am.

(The Sight The Sound You.C*N.D.2016.All Rights Reserve)



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