A Dialogue from Within. With Hopes. You Hear.







I know, I am nothing, compared to anybody else, in your circle.
Simply because I have nothing and I am nobody.
I speak not the language that you speak.
I write not the writings that you write.
For I only speak and write the language of an ordinary person.
With compassion and with humility,
I speak and write coming from my heart and soul.

Your pen is different from mine.
For yours is made of a golden ballpoint,
And mine, out of a pointed feather.
I tried writing my story.
Yet with my emotional self, nothing flows out from my memory,
And only drops of tears fade its ink away.

In my humble thoughts, I desire nothing, but your aid.
Hoping that you will spare a fragment of your time and find a moment
To speak to me, and allow me to share my story,
And echo it to your own heart and soul.

I am hoping that, with your wisdom, you become an instrument,
To guide me towards my journey and unveil the message,
For it has long been lying torpid within myself.  
And with my sincerest and soulful longing,
I crave to have it known to some friends and people close to my heart.

If I were a painting, I am abstract and behind each layer of coat,  
Is a hidden message waiting to be unveiled , a story to be shared.
In a gradual and intimate, personal way, I reveal.
This is how creatively, I express myself, weird.

I consider you a genius, and I want to let you know that I adore and respected you.
Most importantly, I know you have this gift of a compassionate, gentle heart.
You are one intellectual person, yet serene and humble,
And you have all my admiration and salutations.
I am so blessed and grateful to have known you,
And I value and treasure, every creative encounter we share.

I hope this dialogue within myself will allow me to connect to you.
And you shall welcome me, without reservations and thoughts,
And blaze the trail and heighten the bar to reach my goal, and inspire me to share this message.
This message that I long to share to you, and to everyone close to me.
You know why? Because you somehow influenced and inspired me to write my story.

I see that light in you, and through you,
I know, this soul shall find the guide it desired and longed for.
After ten years of stay in this strange country,
I hope someone hears me, it’s time to tell my story.
I don’t know where to begin.
Maybe you can help me.  Maybe. 

(C*A Dialogue from Within.2016.All rights Reserved)

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