Your. Weirdness. I Admire.

What a blessing and honor to have known you, my fellow artists. 

It is such an inspiration that propels me to do even greater for the community. 

Who would ever thought that my coming over to New York, 

Would end up serving these artist community? 

Knowing you and the creative artistry that you do, 

The diversity of culture where you came from; 

The process through which you hone your crafts; 20160430_154055-1

The language you speak through your artwork; 

The words that bring magic through your pens;   

The art of conversation that you create;

The grand ideas that you manifest visible in your creativity; 

Your insights, and straight forward and sometimes twisted opinion on issues that stimulates conversation; 

The music you compose; so inspiring 

The transformation you gradually vibrate that brings magic to ones’ life; 

That free-spiritedness and wildness you exhibit through your art;  

The act you portray on stage; 

The dance, the drama that you perfectly perform as the curtain opens up; 

The story of your life in a book; 

The beautiful poetry that you read, not to mention the coffee on the side; 

The image that you create, out of the depth of field that flashes from the lens of your camera; 

The strumming of those strings and the strike of the sticks, as you create rhythm in the air, 

All these… and your WEIRDNESS, 

You ARTIST, I truly, ADMIRE!  

This is the greatest gift, and what I do, I dedicate to you all !

(C*Your Weirdness I Admire.2016.All right Reserved)



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