Journey Beyond

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I wandered freely, through this land, nowhere… just wandered. Though the fields, through the ocean, through the mountains, through the vast meadows, through the air. I see everything. I see nature tender its beauty to all of humanity. Everything that surrounds me display nothing but excellent manifestation of the Divine, the Universal Architect. Everything I see is perfection beyond limit. Perfection beyond description.

Yet, in my journey, I have one wish, I hope to come true. I wish nothing but to see a glimpse of that something. Something that I can speak to, something that I can feel, I can touch,  something that I can hear the sweetest of the sweetest sound.

That  sweetest sound of your own words as you settle them unto the white parchment and sway in rhythm of beautiful, written prose. Your own words, the sweetest sound, as you glide your ink pen in flowing strokes, composing it into alluring, language of poetry.

The sweetest of the sweetest sound and nothing but the gentle sound of your voice. That voice when you speak, you’ve spoken in written words. Those written words emanating from the innermost sphere of your genius self.  I hope to see your soul, I hope to hear the gentle sound of your own voice. And my journey, continues beyond…

(C*Journey Beyond.2016. All Rights Reserved)


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