Forgotten Bridge

You once told me, “Go on… follow your dream.”
I wasn’t sure what my dream was, but I did follow the lane…
I knew, would make me happy.
Yes, I did follow the path to creativity.
Along the way, there were dreams that I never dreamed of, occurred.
People, in unexpected way, I encountered and helped.
I did something for them, more than what I should have done for myself.
People delight of what was given to them.
People rejoiced of services rendered for them.
People excite crossing the bridge with success, I showed them.

On their own, they embrace the pleasure of victory.
They moved on with pride and dignity.
Without turning back, they followed their dreams.
Yet, they missed the most important part of their journey.
The Bridge, I showed them.
The Bridge, they Forgot.

(C*ForgottenBridge.2016.All rights Reserved)

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