Wine Glass Sketch

You quench my thirst
with the 
toxins of your lust;
I savor the harmony
of your 
wicked spirit,
and the 
gentle stroke 
of your 
craving touch.

C*NiirmalaDevi.Shot.2018.All Right Reserved







Fade from black.

In a vast space,

Fire sparks.


Enter, the alluring, charming human figure.

It dances with the flame,


Then went away.

Fade to black.

(C*NiirmalaDevi.Storyboard.2018.All Rights Reserved)


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 7.45.07 AM

As another year of my lifeline comes to an end, 
I am blessed 
and filled with gratitude.

A blessing of family and friends I encountered in life, 
who in my aid; 
have eased the torment of my physical, 
mental and spiritual imbalance... 
I persevered. 

Grateful to the whole universe that has sent me 
the perfect people for perfect lessons - 
all of those individuals and situations have trail blazed,
 and ushered me toward my higher good. 

The seventh of December 
is when the light of the world, gleamed from the interior; 
conceived out of a mother's womb.
Decades of five or more... I wandered. 

From the dawn of innocence, 
unto the horizon; 
the setting of dusk is yet unknown adventure.

In my travel towards spiritual journey, 
I know that Happiness is my Destiny.

This day is specially made for me.   


ภาพที่แท้จริง /true.image/


You speak your words 
and your words
speaks of who you are.

Your language paints
picture of truth 
yet like clouds, truth gradually shifts.

You are a wild flower 
constantly swaying 
with the wind.

You savor with lust
the subtle wicked 
in your friendly smile.

Your story... dim...
from your past and beyond darkness, 
you endure.

Your gaze, distinct, sharp
exquisitely, hypercritical; 
Yet undemanding, unchallenging.

Care seemed not to be your 
cup of tea, but
that’s not what I see.

Out of darkness, you reveal
with shimmering light;
this meekness in your heart.

Your shadow, portray
your father’s love;
Bold, Dominant, Stern.

Nothing but in your weakness;
the vast encounter in your life’s adventure;
only strength sets you free.

Your name brings true image, 
In Greek, in Latin, in Spanish;
Only the one, who brings triumph and victory.