From Dad


Your Heart;

Adorned with compassion.

Your Soul;

Revealed beauty from within and without.

You are a Treasure,

Molded out of Love.


Quick Moments

(Photo courtesy of N.D. “A Sunset view at the Hudson River”

Quick are the moments…..

When I steal a glance at you while you savor the pleasure and beauty of nature;

When you plunder a look at my back and to my gestures, you closely observe;

When we unintentionally catch into each others’ eyes and stare deeply into our souls;

When we tell stories, and you gently pat my shoulder, and hold my hand with slight piercing  pressure;

When we share jokes and exchange brisk wink of our eyes;

When all of a sudden spasmodically, you grab my hand and hastily squeeze it;

When you offer me something to nibble and a drink of wine;

When I hear your sweet, caring voice on the phone;

When I have my thoughts of you while sipping my coffee or enjoying a cup of tea;

When I embrace you in my heart, before bedtime and in the morning when I wake up;

When I send you my caring, morning greetings;

When I listen to music and dedicate a song for you;

When whatever I do, where ever I go, or whoever  I am with…. I  sneak love thoughts of you;

Quick are those moments… in the horizon of my imagination…

My Divine Lover, YOU… will forever be in my HEART.   

(C*Niirmaladevi September 2012   All Rights Reserved)

“Fall Leaves” (Lipstick Art)

Fall mornings are beautiful!

One beautiful, fall October morning,  I had my alarm set to five a.m. For some reason, I woke up earlier than my morning wake-up buzz.  Guess, I didn’t need it anyway. I prepared my stuff,  put on my walking gear… and how can anyone go out for a weekly exercise regimen without this essential gadget… a music player!

6:30 a.m.  Outside my apartment building. It was still  dark and I decided to hang-out in my favorite cafe’ for a while and grab a nice, hot, freshly brewed coffee. Soothing! I stayed inside the cafe’ until daylight comes out a bit from the horizon.

It takes about  five-minute walk until I will have to reach the nice, irregular shaped walking trail and the beautiful landscape design in the park.  It was an easy, natural stride along the way, while I enjoy the rest of my coffee and listen to my favorite smooth jazz music at the same time.

At the park. As usual, I see the same scene as I get to enter the gate. Some Chinese nationals perform Tai-Chi exercise, both young and old, men and women, some of them with their pet dogs, all out in their walking or jogging routine. A couple of them were even in their cane. I also see a Buddhist nun in her golden orange habit sitting in one of those benches silently meditating with japa in her hand. I just cannot keep my eye away from this nun every time I pass-by where she sits and meditate. I wish I could have sat beside her and meditate too. Like the nun, I also have a japa which I use while I walk /jog and recite my mantra at the same time.

Now, the sun is revealing it’s beauty as it rises in the East. I have seven rounds already…  and seven times I pass-by this Buddhist nun… and seven times she looks at the japa I have in my right hand… and seven times, I get to see the beauty of colorful flowers along side of the park… and seven times I get to step past some of the beautiful fall leaves from the trees. Its reddish-orange and dark-shaded yellow colors glow like the golden orange hue of the rising sun as it reflects its light to the ground. I get to pick seven of them in varied sizes, wrap it carefully with a napkin I got from the cafe’ and safely kept in my sling purse.

8:00 a.m. The sun is now in full bloom like a flower as it lifts itself in full openness. Beautiful, dazzling, elegant, simply gorgeous! It is time to go back and on my way home, I still can visualize  how this new day gives me a fresh smell of a fall morning and that real picture of a lovely, natural fall outdoor scene.

Indeed, mornings are beautiful on this fall October morning and I get to pick beautiful fall leaves which is part of the art work project I call, lipstick art. At home. Still, I can see in my inner vision the beauty of this gorgeous day. I start to grab my easel, brushes, drawing strathmore pad and my lipsticks. Of course I need the fall leaves I get to pick from the park.

3:00 p.m. I get to finish this artwork I call,  “Fall Leaves”  (A Lipstick Art)

Fall Leaves (Lipstick Art)
“Fall Leaves” (Lipstick Art)

Fall mornings are beautiful and I give thanks for this beautiful day, the golden sun, the colorful flowers, the Buddhist nun, the people around, the trees, the park, the coffee, the fall leaves … everything around me.

Fall mornings are beautiful and I just realize, it is the 3rd of October. It is my father’s birthday. A tear fell from my eyes. Five years… yes, five years, I never get to see him again. Where ever he is now, this is for him… my father.  Fall mornings are beautiful and I give thanks because on this 3rd of October, it reminds me of my father’s birthday.

Fall mornings are indeed beautiful!