concrete jungle,




of broken dreams.

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Quick Moments

(Photo courtesy of N.D. “A Sunset view at the Hudson River”

Quick are the moments…..

When I steal a glance at you while you savor the pleasure and beauty of nature;

When you plunder a look at my back and to my gestures, you closely observe;

When we unintentionally catch into each others’ eyes and stare deeply into our souls;

When we tell stories, and you gently pat my shoulder, and hold my hand with slight piercing  pressure;

When we share jokes and exchange brisk wink of our eyes;

When all of a sudden spasmodically, you grab my hand and hastily squeeze it;

When you offer me something to nibble and a drink of wine;

When I hear your sweet, caring voice on the phone;

When I have my thoughts of you while sipping my coffee or enjoying a cup of tea;

When I embrace you in my heart, before bedtime and in the morning when I wake up;

When I send you my caring, morning greetings;

When I listen to music and dedicate a song for you;

When whatever I do, where ever I go, or whoever  I am with…. I  sneak love thoughts of you;

Quick are those moments… in the horizon of my imagination…

My Divine Lover, YOU… will forever be in my HEART.   

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“…and that is not speaking!”


When silence becomes louder than your written words.. 
“…and that is not speaking.”
When words in action show kindness and compassion..
“…and that is not speaking.”
When the voice of the voiceless speaks in peace..
“…and that is not speaking.”
When discreet smile reveals lovely charm..
“…and that is not speaking.”
When patience is even more patient to rest in its quiet space..
“…and that is not speaking.”
When kind words speaks the universal language of  love..
“…and that is not speaking.”
When silence desires to be no longer silent..
“…and that is not speaking.”
When speaking in thoughts, words and deeds is still unspoken in its soundlessness,
it is muted
“…and that is not speaking.”  
When will, “not speaking” be speaking?
It is still in silence..
“…and that is not speaking.”

Now, I am Speaking. 




Language from my Heart

“Language from my Heart”



I write not for anybody’s pleasure to read but;

For me to express my inner feelings and emotions.

I write to give meaning of my real self;

And not to reveal criticism on others.

Neither do I speak the language of  the scholars…

For they speak not the words of the indigenous;

Nor do I speak the language of a genius…

For they speak the words only genius can comprehend.


I can only speak the language of ordinary men…

For they only can comprehend the sincerity of my heart

and the cordiality of my mind.

Every word that I say, every line that I write;

It is True… it is Real… it is Sincere…

It is the Language coming from my Heart.

(C* Nirrmala Devi  January 22, 2013)