Joshua’s Song

When you're twenty three, I'm just a puppy
Fragile as I am, you welcome and embrace me
Your tender loving care nurtures me.
In my deep slumber, I rouse
Your wondrous melody delights me
As you play your piano keys.

We journey together in perfect harmony
I am your lyrics, you are my song.

When you cuddle me in your arms
I feel the warmth of your gentle touch
My day brightens up with your charm.
Over the snow and green grasses I go
The echo of your laughter thrills me
Together we dance with glee.

We journey together in perfect harmony
I am your lyrics, you are my song.

At night the birds stop singing
But your music keeps on playing
Until now, I am still swaying and you never stop creating
Six decades and seven, I have long gone past sixteen
I see myself in your bedroom, on the wall, up in the ceiling
I see myself in your heart - I am your angel, I am never apart.

You see... we still journey together in perfect harmony
I am your lyrics, you are my song.


Have you pondered?

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 8.01.53 PM

Have you ever gone in-depth into spirituality?
Even the birds enjoy each other's company.
There is no treasure as lovely and as intimate;
When you hear, see, feel, touch and even smell a person's 
being in the present moment.

That infinite place in me and that infinite place in you
Somewhere in this universe, is called Eternity.
It is not even a place, but a state of mind;
or call it a place in another dimension
that merges every creatures in this Vastness as ONE.

But we are in this place called Earth.
In this present time, and in this physical world.
We yearn for each other's presence
and each other's company,
where we feel, see touch, hear and smell with our senses.

Isn't that beautiful?
Don't you want to experience the moment
while you still have this flesh and blood?

One day, after this journey...
In that place called Eternity,
we shall UNITE... neither there's WE nor I...
There's only ONENESS.

In that place where we don't even need our senses,
I shall embrace you, and 
WE shall  be ONE, in Nothingness.
And in Nothingness... is
The Holy Grail of Sacredness.

In God’s Eye

FullSizeRender 3
(Charcoal Pencil Drawing)

Sixty decades and three ago today…

You emerged from the quiet interior of your mother’s womb.

You first saw the light of the universe.
You first heard the sound of your own cry.
You first smelled the freshness of the air.
You first felt the soft, gentle sway of the breeze.
You first savored the rawness and the richness of that white fluid,
the nourishment of your fragile flesh.

The angels sang in unison as the whole world prepared for your coming.
The couples whom you pronounced as parents, and whom you came through, Rejoiced! 
The unseen Creator, the very reason of your existence, bestowed upon you this “Gift of Life.”

This is what made you special. 

You are special because, you are a special creature molded out of Love.

You are special because in the eyes of God, you are His special child, and He created you with Love.

And you are special because this work of art is carefully crafted with Love.

C*InGod’sEye.All Rights Reserved.May2018

Blog Anniversary

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Today is my Anniversary on WordPress. As they sent me this badge, I just realized that I have not spent much time with my blogging. It is tough to balance work and sitting down to focus on writing a blog post.

I couldn’t believe I’m on my seventh year, and It’s amazing to think that I have gone this far yet I didn’t get that feeling of satisfaction. I’ve always wanted to write a book with my artworks and poetry with it. And now, I think I will have to start doing that. I need a spark of inspiration. This is it!

You, my WordPress friends, is my Inspiration. Thank you for all those who Followed my blog site and those who Liked  my posts, and to all writers in this blogging sphere.

Happy Blogging!