From Dad


Your Heart;

Adorned with compassion.

Your Soul;

Revealed beauty from within and without.

You are a Treasure,

Molded out of Love.



SnoopyI would like to be with someone who sees my soul through the windows of ones’ eyes… one who sees that craziness, the ugliness, the weirdness, that evil in me, that silent killer in me… The whole of darkness in me.

But, I would love to be in someone else’s warm embrace who sees this gentleness in me, the meekness, the sweetness, the innocence, that light spirit in me, that beautiful soul in me, that compassion and love within me… The whole of Art in me. 

“Truth, is when I Write”


It’s true.

It’s the Truth.

When things shift into transition, I see a different side of me. Each day offers both abrupt and subtle dish of challenges for one to respond on either violent or gentle way. I usually react in a more subtle way, and Silence for me seem to be the “Best” response on any furious situation.Yet, this silence and subtleness emanates in rage when in writing, I reveal.

To write is to speak of Truth from my Heart and Mind.

The ball point of my pen is where in Writing I translate Truth. It cannot speak and emit sound in any way, yet in its grandeur is where emotions and ideas demonstrate. It cannot speak more or less, yet it allows to unlock a

Sphere of Knowledge… a Horizon of Wisdom.

Truth.. is when I write to express the manifestation of my agitations, anger, joy, pain, fear and sorrows.

Truth… is when I write to express ideas, display grasp for truth, capacity to learning, reasoning and understanding.

Truth… is when I write a message to a special person and love-ones expressing how I deeply love and care for them.  

To where should I render Truth? … Nothing… but  only to where I reflect all these thoughts on a parchment.

To whom should I render Truth? … No one… except to special people I deeply Care and Love. 


It may not reveal in a way for one, least enough to notice… no one may  even recognize at all… no one may even care… one may ignore… one can only laugh …

Yet, deep inside is a wonderful feeling of Truth, Care and Love.

It’s the Truth.

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