Keep the Rhythm Playing

Your past is a web of notes,
a rhythmic string of special moments.
Black and white patterns of melody,
a rendition of Love Song unveils.
While the unseen witness /es/ –
delight the harmony of your musical composition,
I thrill myself with dancing and singing –
of the rhythm flowing.
I may not be there,
a spectator of your performance from the past,
yet I bear witness the magnificence
of your musical creations in the present.
For how can I be complete
without the savor of your appetizing melody?
Even the unseen cannot be wholly unseen
without the hearing of your lovely tune?

How much longer would you have been able
to strum with grace, the strings of your guitar?
How mush longer would you be able to sway with finesse in your fingertips
this motion of poetry in your piano keys?
As I walk through the long, narrow hallway towards your doorway,
I hear from a distance the echoes of your laughter; stories you share
It stirs pleasure within my inner core.
I relish the blending of your voices – I always adore.
It is music to my ear.
In the silent walls of the four corners of your room,
glows on a wooden table; a flicker of lighted candle.
It brightens up the smiles of Josh and Pepper.
Even the lone metal planter of green, sights through the window – blossoms!
The world rejoices the splendor of your song!
Your Song … Your Music …
heals broken hearts; comforts shattered spirits,
gives meaning to the lives of the lifeless; shed light on the lost souls,
fascinates the silence of the ocean water; satiates with Hymn of Life – the
entire Universe,
lures even the unknown of the unknown.
Your Music – The Charm of your Music –
Captivating! Enchanting!
Inspiring! Divine!

(© NiirmalaDevi.March2019.All Rights Reserved)