Strange Dream


It’s been a while I know, and I suffer from writer’s block. Somebody help.

All I know is that, I have a strange dream. I don’t know these people in my dream. You may interpret and conclude what it means. I cannot decipher this visual code. But this is how it goes:

Scene One.

You told her, “Let’s go.” You grabbed her hand in a hurry. You were both outside the door when she stopped you, and pushed you back inside the room. You were wearing two-piece with floral designs and you just cloak yourself with a wrap-around fabric that almost looked like a whole dress. 

You didn’t realize you were exposing part of your chest and breast. You both went inside the room and she tried to change you when a woman who happens to be your sister, suddenly grabbed your outfit and started teasing you. 

To your astonishment, you saw your sister wearing nothing but a Bra with no underwear and exposing her private in frontal view. I didn’t know what happened next but suddenly,  you all faded to black.


Scene Two.

You were both riding in a seemingly strange car along with other passengers, mostly women.  The car looked like a carousel with colorful designs. You were half way towards destination when she told you, she has to go back. “I forgot my purse, ” she said. She asked you to wait for her when you arrive at the destination. You nodded.  

You were wearing a beautifully sequenced red top with jeans, and your hair nicely straightened, fresh and shiny. She looked at you as she stepped down. You stared at her and smiled. She wasn’t sure if your nod and smile meant, yes – that you are going to wait for her. 

She walked and walked and walked… the road seemed endless. It was a long journey along the horizon – boundless. As the sun set, she faded to white. 


Scene Three.

She found herself in an open passenger terminal. There she saw young men and boys offering rides in a motor cab. One boy asked her, “Ma’am, do you need a ride?” “Yes,” she said. “I need to go back to the barracks,” she continued. “That’s not my route, and I am not allowed to get there, but I can take you to a place nearby and you can just walk your way going there.” the boy replied.  “That’s okay. Take me.” she said.   

The boy dropped her in a seemingly squalid area. She saw box houses closely situated with each other. Suddenly, she found herself walking in a bridge made of wooded slabs, alongside, she saw floating houses. 

She walked and walked… then she realized she couldn’t find the way. She faded in sight.


Scene Four.

In the living room, she saw you again. You were in a couch watching an old film on television. She came and sat beside you, and you took her hand – wrapped your arms around her. You cuddled her. You both watched the show.  The scene faded to black.



I am not good in interpreting dreams. But whatever it means, I may say, It’s just a dream. Who cares?